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Experimental Films:


Clean Room

A simple video of me cleaning my room. Most likely my mother's favorite video ever.

Wake Up

A dramatization of what waking up late.  


22 Years Of Marriage

A picture segment showcasing my dear sweet parents and how they respond to each other now after 22 years of marriage.



Chapter 21

Myself reading Chapter 21 of a biology text book.



Chips & Queso

A collection of pictures where my friends Chris Armstrong and Devan Patrick eat tortillas and cheese.




This piece showcases the talents of my roommate Michael Geiger as he does what he does well... homework.



The RJ Project

My uncle and aunt bought a home, then went about bringing it back to life.

Untitled Part I

The first part in my currently unsequeled series where I encounter danger at every turn. In this one an assassin is sent to kill me in my sleep.
Note: The roommate doesn't seem to be bothered by this.
Additional Note: The assassin is my good friend Jason and he's about 6'7"


Steve's Hair Cut

My friend Steve is given a hair cut by my brother.



Mongolian Grill

Some exciting cooking.



My Trip To The Office

My father and I go to his office.

Suburban Bond

Live action Goldeneye from N64.


Merry Christmas A Shopping Tale

My brothers and I go shopping for Christmas for our parents.



Boxing Out Day

A day in which my brother decided to work on his boxing out.



Spanish Video

My friends and I made this video for our spanish class. It's in Spanish.

The Date

A dream date of mine.