Family is everything.

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Special people
These people mean the world to me


All lists of special people in one's life must begin with their mother. For without her life for me would not have been possible. She has kept me safe my whole life and has always been there to lend a helping hand and a caring heart.

I love you mom.



I have done some research on the best fathers in history and my dad is actually number 1. No joke, really. I spent three years on the research. My father is the kindest, nicest guy you'll ever meet. He's very creative, brilliant, and humble (a rare trio). He always puts everyone else before himself and does more for others than anyone I know. He's awesome.

I love you dad.


Ok ok I'll admit it Lance had the long hair thing going before I did and to be honest he pulls it off better than I do. Added to that he's a pretty smart cookie and just got his Eagle (It's a Boy Scout thing). He's super good with electronics and he's even gotten some jobs with it (aka he makes way more money than I do). He's a great guy and is going to be a huge success.

I love you Lance.



When you look up the word super-talented-popular-athletic-allaround-guy in the dictionary (that is if it was a word, just use wikipedia) you find a picture of this guy. He is hilarious, fun, insane, popular with the ladies, etc., etc. Tragically for him we look a little bit alike and share some of the same mannerisms, but it's like if my parents cloned me then took that clone and upped all his stats by 400% (IQ, Charisma, Spelling ability, etc.), then you'd have Aaron.


I love you kiddo.



Nana is one of my biggest fans; she is always there to listen, to talk with, to bake wonderful treats, to play a game of gin rummy, or to just watch a basketball game of my brother's. She is kind and caring and has a memory which far exceeds anybody else that I know. She is also very patient with my writing and "claims" that she enjoys reading my work. I have worked out many, many story ideas in my head by talking with her about them. And yes I had it checked she is the most loved member of the English Royal Family.

I love you Nana.



Ah Dodger you wild thing you. Dodger is my little brother Aaron's best friend and he is super crafty. He knows how to open close doors (no joke), jump fences, and do long division (joke?). He is usually the most excited person to see me when I get home (for you see he jumps around and runs into things and smiles really big). He's a good boy.

I love you Dodge.