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I started drawling Class Notes my sophomore year at UT. I was sitting in chemistry class listening to a large balding man drone on about the importance of electrons when to keep myself from falling asleep I started to drawl. Of course that fact that I am an extreme novice at art and drawling did not stop me. I would drawl a couple little comics on a page and pass it to my friend Michael and he would read them and pass them to a friend of ours we called chem girl, because we had no idea what her actual name was. In fact she is still in my phonebook as chem girl.

After a while I started getting more and more comics and Michael laughed at them more, chem girl on the other hand generally looked at me like I was insane (which as I would grow to learn would be the main look people would give me when faced with reading one of my comics). After another semester or so I sent in a couple of comics to JT at the Daily Texan and he said they were funny and started running them.

A little triva on my Class Notes comics: I have always stayed true to the title and have drawn every single one of them in class.

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I started writing Murphy's Law during the summer of my Junior year, that's when I started summer school at UTSA and was poorer than the visible light spectrum before refraction. (Ok I don't know if that even makes sense) So with a large dose of self pity I started writing the character Murphy whose life was going to be really rather tragic. I gave him a foil and only wrote a couple of comics to start out with.

These comics were better drawn and took a lot longer to make then a quick class notes comic. Yet they weren't always funny and usually were just rather sad, but I went with them anyway and ran about 3 dozen in the Daily Texan before reverting back to my original Class Notes comic.

I would like to work on my drawling and actually make more Murphy's Law and run them on my website as sort of a free webcomic.

A little triva on my Murphy's Law comic: The name of the title character was chosen because of an oft used theory called Murphy's law which states: that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong.

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