Rant # 2

Stupid people

"I just hate stupid people.  They should have to wear signs that say I'm stupid."  This classic quote comes from none other than the noted God of Redneck Comedy Jeff Foxworthy. 


In these inspiring words we find truth and symbolism.  All right enough of the English studies BS, the truth is I too hate stupid people.  Not people with an extra 21st chromosome or people battling some sort of mental illness but everyday people who are just a little behind. I'll give you an example of an actual conversation I had not five minutes ago. 

"Is that a new wrench?"
"No we have had it for years.  Right here in this drawer."
"It's not a new wrench?"
"Nope it's been in this drawer right here."
"Did it come out of a box?"
"No.  This drawer."
"Where did you get it?"
"The drawer."
"Is that a new wrench?"
"No, no, it's not I got it out of this draw we have had it for a long time.  I have used it before."
"Is that a new wrench?"

Now read the conversation carefully and see if there is any point in the conversation where I answer her question.  I have had many a literary scholar and noted police detective read through the transcript of our conversation and each came out with the same thing.  And I'll give you a hint it involves the words stupid, waste of time, and person.  There are so many situations in life when you encounter one of these people and all you can do is bit your tongue till it bleeds, then later kick a duck in the face. 


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